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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 AVALANCHES!!! AVALANCHES!!! Avalanches are the fastest outof the five landslides there arein nature. They are the rapidmovements of snow down asteep mountain slope. Theycan come out of nowhere andgo up to speeds of 130 kilometresper hour. More than 150 people ayear are killed by avalanches. What AreAvalanches? What AreAvalanches? What Damage Can Be Done? Tons of damage canbe done by avalanches.It only depends on what size it is. For example:very small ones are harmless,small ones can injure or killsomeone, medium sized ones can bury/destroy a car, a woodhouse or a few trees, large onescould destroy a few buildings ofa substansial amount of forest,and maximum ones could wipeout the entire landscape. What Triggers Them? The only things that trigger avalanches arenatural movements ofthe Earth (like earthquakesand weather events) and human movements (such as skiiers andsnowboarders). Types of Avalanches Even though there are many avalanches,there are two main types: loose snow & slab. Loose snow avalanches originate from a single point and gathers snow crystalsthat are not bonded well together. Theyusually appear as an averted "V" shapeon the snow slope. Slab avalanches have very well bondedsnow crystals, unlike loose snow avalanches.They are also known as "wind slabs" becausethey often come down from wind and snow.They can either consist of snow from one snowstorm or from several snow storms. They causethe most fatalities and do the most property damage.Slab avalanches have several parts:-Fracture line or the upper limit-Flanks or the continuations of fracture lines from both sides of the slab-A stauchwall or the bottom/lower limits of slab-A bed surface, which is usually smooth, but it can be the ground itself. How to survive an Avalanche: How to survive an Avalanche: REACT IN THE FIRST FEW SECONDS-Jump up slope=Even though avalanches go really fast, it hasbeen done before.-Move to the side of a avalanche=The avalanche might happen under you, so moving sideways might help.-Let go of any heavy equipment=the lighter you are, the faster you can go.-Hold on to something - Move in a swimming style to help you sat near the surface. SURVIVING IF YOU GET BURIED IN SNOW-Hold one arm above your head= thatway you'll know which way is up.-Dig a pocket around your face foroxygen.-Conserve air and energy-Wait for rescuers to come. You can also get an avalanche survival kit or take avalanche survival courses to increase your survival.
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