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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 BACKGROUND Purpose Arrowad Group was founded and chaired by Mr. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al Khalaf in1990.Arrowad Group possesses a system of autonomous institutions actively functioning in the areas of education, consultancy, training, quality assurance, IT and media.Finally with gained experiences in the multiple contributory sectors of the country,Arrowad Group felt the urgency of establishing a university ....................... where students will be treated as future leaders of the country and their journeyat Arrowad University will be counted as period of investment! ARROWAD UNIVERSITY Facilitating learnerswith value based knowledge platform and excise skills in life ultimately which will in the end support country's development. Providing an educational hub with quality, knowledge pool supported by modern tech and scientific research opportunities for the learners who will lead in future with an intention to contribute in country's growth and pride 54% Arrowad Group has planned to launch its university operation with the first intake in September 2016 1. Putting Islamic belief as the prime core value to consolidate growth through contribution2. Supporting the acceleration journey of Saudi Arabia's higher education 3. Ensuring the knowledge boost nationally with local custom and culture4. Enhancing the opportunity of cooperation connecting through knowledge, skill and market5. Providing the consistent and continuous platform for modern scientific research6. Owning with gratitude the commitment on social responsibilities7. Delivering self-developer and real-time impact creating knowledge to lead locally and compete globally8. Acquiring the international recognition for our learners to diverse their horizon of standard9. Enriching a platform in connection to knowledge and skill10. Engaging at insight of depth research learning tool for building our own capacities VISION MISSION Information & Communication Digital & Social Media Studies Engineering Public Relation & Promotion Architecture Civil Engineering Business Administration Business Marketing Information System Law General Laws Specialized Laws
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