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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ATS News Find everything that is coming up in the American School of Tampico, from sportstournaments to school field trips! Never miss out on any event that is coming up! From January 25 to January 29 the ATS 7th graders went to the state of Baja California Sur where they discoveredthe beautiful and extrordinary biodiversity of Mexico by going to various like Bahia Magdalena, Isla Espiritu Santo,La Paz and many other extrordinary places! . From January 25 to January 29 the Ats 6th graders went to the beautiful city and state of Guanajuato were they explored the city and found extrordinary historical buildings like the Basilica de Guanajuato and other cities like Dolores, San Miguel and Queretaro! From March 1 to March 7 the ATS 8th graders went to the very representative city of Washington D.C were they visited the Washington Monument, the United Statescapitol, and even the White House! The American School of Tampico is not only a field trip school, but also a sport school! Every year the schoolยดs sports teams go to different cities like Monterrey, Pachuca, and even Puerto Vallarta to compete in the tournament of ASOMEX,which is made up of all the American schools in Mexico.This year the 2001/2002 category are going to Monterrey from March 12 to March 16, good luck to them! The American School of Tampiconot only promotes trips and sport tournaments, but also makecharity events like the We Care ATS Race which gains money and uses it in a wise way like helpingthe community and the schoolby donating the money. They also use it for service learning eventsfor the students! Awesome right?! The ATS teachers have madea collaborative project that envolves the students in Middle School to help the community and the world around them! This an excellentway to make the students helptheir world and make it abetter place! The ATS Middle School Prom (or Middle School Dance) took place in February 26, 2015, It was organized by the StuCo team (Student Council) and they sure did a very goodjob. The students who attended were delighted with the decoration and theme and leftthe dance extremely satisfied.That is the ATS spirit! BOO! The ATS Halloween celebrationwas surely scary! With an unforgettable haunted house in the High School building and a very memorable after school party withcontests, movies, dinner, and even a bonfire, the ATS StuCo team reallywent over everybodies expectationswith this extrordinary partyEverybody wants to see what theyare going to do next and you surely don't want to miss it either! As you saw in this newspaperyou will never miss anythingthat had to do with ATS events.Hope you enjoyed and we will see you in the next one!
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