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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Atlanta BST Session 4 What's Achievement Management? What's Achievement Management? Quiz Average: 81% 89% Attendance: BUSINESS GOALS EVERYBODY has clear targets, aligned to business goals EVERYBODY has clear targets, aligned to business goals. February 7-8, 2015 ACHIEVEMENT PLAN What's that? 10-20 Responsibilities ... each with 1-3 measurable targets Handle incoming phone-calls * Nobody waits longer than 30 secs * Boss always returns important calls same day E.g. Satsang Session: Handle incoming phone-calls * Boss always returns important calls same day E.g. BAPS Sevak Leadership: Prapti no Vichar Contemplating and understanding who we have attained G-I-22: Singing without remembering God is the same as not singing at all Sabha Planning Be Creative, Presentations ready, Have a message,Make the presentation different and original Understand the Project, Break down the Project,Have a Timeline, Find Help from others, Do it with Bhakti How do we use it? Presentation Skills: Identifying / removing barriers to achievement -> * Emcee- Master of Ceremony * Understand the Presentations in order to better link them Homework: Also used for: Prepare a 2 minute long EmceeTo introduce any Presentaion They should focus on the content of the emcee as well as being innovative The new approach double click to changethis text! Drag a cornerto scale proportionally. HINDUISM CLASS double click to change this header text! AdarshSishya Adarsh Karyakar Adarsh Balak Project Planning Sessions: Importance of Bapa's Prapti Purity- Nishkam Dharma, Nirmanipanu (humility) Power- Meetings with Presidents, Prime ministers, kings, G-III-22, Spirituality Gun Grahak Drashti Loya-1 Taking avgun is the same as having your head severed A Wise and Intelligent Satsangi is one who perceivesflaws within himself and strives to correct them RamayanMahabharatBhagwat GitaPurans Written by Valmiki Rishi and Tulsidas (Ram's Journey) Teaches you how to be the ideal personThrough lesson's from Rama, Lakshman, Sitaji, Bharatji and more Teaches the basic Dharma of Hindu'sAlong with teaching the art of ruling,politics, and war 18 Chapters and 700 Verses Conversation between Arjun & Krishna Explains the Philosophy of Hinduism: Nature of Self, Why it is essential to control one's mind, Transmigration and Avtarvad 'Pura'- Ancient/Old18 Purans-Stories from history Anya-kshetre Krutam Papam Teertha-Kshetre VinashvatiTeertha-Kshetre Krutam-Paapam Vajra-Lepo Bhavishyati Importance of the Prapti of Bapa: Homework: Fill out and Finish the KDC Planning Worksheet Inspirer: HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj
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