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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Soldier's Life In The American Revolution There were two main groups of soldiers who fought on the American side during the Revolutionary War. One group was the Continental Army. The Continental Congress established them as the first real United States Army. They made George Washington the leader. The army was made up of paid volunteers who enlisted for a period of time. They trained and drilled like fighting men. The other group was the militia . The militia were citizens who were ready to fight in case of emergencies. The Militia and The Continental Army When soldiers went to war they were promised money for fighting. They got a monthly payment privates earned $6, sergeants earned $8 and commanders earned $20. But they all had to buy their own uniforms, gear, and weapons. Money Hardships of a Soldier There were many hardships of being an American soldier in the Revolutionary War. There were shortages on everything; money, weapons, food, clothing, clean water and shelter were all hard to come by. There was very little sanitation, and many soldiers died from disease. However, the soldiers never gave up hope, they never complained and always were thinking about their country and what they were fighting for. Food This was the daily allowance or ration for each soldier: One pound of breadHalf a pound of beef and half a pound of pork One pint of milk, or if milk can not be had, half a cup of riceOne quart of good spruce or malt beerFood was very scarce and most of the food was disliked like fire cakes and Hardtack. Just having a loaf of bread was a luxury to the soldiers. Housing Soldiers were put into groups of six called a mess. They all lived together in a tent or a hut. Commanders got bigger huts that the regular soldiers, even though they were big, they could only have 4 commanders in one of the huts. There were some issues in the huts. The air was hard to breath in and they had to use smoke to purify it. Others lived in tents which held up to 6 men at a time. The troops made hundred of huts in the winter, so they could stay warm and have shelter. What motive is there to not complain and give up if you are an American soldier? The soldiers' motivation was to fight for American freedom so they wouldn't be ruled by the British. How did the lack of sanitation affect the health of the soldiers? tap and hold to changethis text! How did the lack of sanitation affect the health of the soldiers? More soldiers died from disease than from combat. They lived in unsanitary conditions which made smallpox and typhus deadly killers. Disease Disease was common; it often spread through entire camps. Prevention was difficult because the only knowledge of them was based on observations, with little knowledge of the human body. Fever was almost always a symptom. Hospitals were understaffed and sterilization techniques were primitive at best.
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