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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 In the book, Soldier's Heart by Gary Paulsen, he describes how its like to be in a war from the point of view of Charley. His idea of war is fun but when he goes into battle he realizes why his mother didnt want Charley to go in the first place. The war is exhausting and depressing because of all the dead bodies. Charley has to deal with his emotions and go to war over and over again. The text structure Gary Paulsen uses is description because in the text it says, Death was everywhere, nowhere. Bullets flew past him with evil little snaps and snickers as they cut the air. A SOLDIERS HEART The Battle of Bull Run In the end of chapter six, from the story A Soldier's Heart, the author, Gary Paulsen expresses the feelings of Charley and Nelson to show what its like to be a soldier. Nelson joined the second battle and got shot in the belly. Charley realized that he is older and wiser is experienced in battle. The text structure is compare and contrast because the way he uses it with Nelson and Charley, makes Charley feel older, wiser and more experienced about the war. The Second Battle In chapter nine, Gettysburg, the author Gary Paulsen, informs us on a first person experience on the battle of Gettysburg. He also makes us picture this bloody battle with the words he uses such as, exploding red bursts. Charley goes into battle, ready with someone else's firearm. He charges at the rebels and gets wounded. The author uses a sequence text structure because he looked down the hill and then it went on to the next thing that happened. The Battle of Gettysberg
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