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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WAS THERE A WOMAN WHO STOOD OUT? A SEPARATE BATTLE WOMEN AND THE CIVIL WAR WHAT IS THIS BOOK ABOUT? WHAT ARE SOME THINGS WOMEN DID? WHAT DOES THIS BOOK TEACH YOU? Well that's the big question for any book isn't it?This book is important because it so accurately describes and pinpoints the views of women during these times of duress and anger. This bookreally gives the reader a perspective of how a woman lived in these times; whether it be a Southern spy like Belle Boyde, or a distressed housewife simply wishing the fight to be over like Eliza McHatton. This book is about women and the vital roles many of them played in the unfolding of the Civil War. Some very significant names mentionedthroughout the book are Angelina Grimké and ClaraBarton. One particular woman who really seemed to stand out was Angelina Grimké. Grimké was a South-born abolitionist who witnessed theinhumanity of slavery firsthand and decided to act upon her feelings.She grew up on a plantation but left her home in the South forthe North so she could be a public speaker and advocate equal rights.She believed in African-American and Women's Rights, and was strongin her beliefs throughout the Civil War and her life. The contribution of women during the Civil War is no joke. From making the clothing and supplies both the North andSouth needed to dressing up as men to fight to beingnurses and caring for the sick and wounded, these women did it all. They all stood up for their beliefs in their ownunique ways, and their roles in America's bloodiest warwill be legendary for years to come. WHY IS THIS BOOK IMPORTANT? One of the things this book taught me is that whether you're a proper lady or a scared army wife or even a former slave, you have a role. Every woman in this book and in the Civil War had an impact on itsoutcome, and that ties into modern life as well. Insuch busy times it's hard to imagine that everyone matters, but every small detail, every word, every thingand person is a part of a whole idea. In this book, allthe women are apart of one widespread group, one big idea, and one very important lesson.
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