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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Company AIM Specialty Health (AIM) is a national leader in specialty benefits management. The Challenges Costs The Research What's working for the Industry? Why it's not a piece of cake! The Reality Have our visions taken flight? A successful company is probably:Performing a needs assessment prior to trainingHaving trainees complete post-test & surveysEvaluating employees at multiple time intervalsEvaluating componentsCollecting data to determine impact Feedback Post-Test What are we talking about? Let's start a revolution! The Right Direction Beginning of the Outlet Era A Review of the Impact of Employee Development Assessment in the Healthcare Industry MYTH BUSTED Our research focused on the assessment of employee training development systems and how the assessment of these systems can be paramount to ensuring organizational challenges are met. ASSESS GRANTED AIM actually provides call center services for different insurance companies. Labor costs comprise 68.7% of AIM's total costs. The feedback from post-training surveyshas helped the department to improve integration of training into the workplace,efficiently shorten training sessions, and improve overall satisfaction with training programs. Increases in customer expectations,greater caller and employee diversity, higher levels of competition, government pressure, drastic changes in technology, and workforce shortages are just some of the challengeswe are facing at AIM. All About the Benjamins AIM evaluates 100% of initiatives at Level 1 through participant feedback surveys and Level 2 through post- testing. An estimated 70% of initiatives are evaluated at Level 3 by assessing how well the learning was applied to the job post-training through audits. Only 20% of initiatives at Level 4 were assessed. Freedom in the Classroom The results from post-training tests have allowed trainers to revise training programs and alter their instruction methods if it is evident that a specific objective is not being mastered. Suggestions for AIM's Improvement include:Gathering data that illustrates the impact of educational development on staff behaviorUtilizing data to show the value of employee development to gain leadership supportMonitoring customer phone calls and allow callers to complete feedback surveysUtilizing employee development to increase employee engagement, which can in turn decrease turnover rates
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