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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Japan's flag is called COUNTRY PROFILE: "Nisshōki" Want to know more about Japan? Let this infographic help you. THE FLAG which means sun-marked flag, but usually, they call it "Hinomaru" or circle of the sun. THE PRIME MINISTER Who is Shinzo Abe? (安倍 晋三 ) President of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Chairman of the Oyagaku propulsion parliamentary group. Term: 4 years or less. ABE'S POWERS Has "control & supervision" over EXECUTIVE BRANCH. Presents bills to the Diet in behalf of the Cabinet. Signs laws and Cabinet orders along with other members of the Cabinet. Appoints all Cabinet ministers, and can dismiss them at any time. Commander in chief of the Japan Self-Defense Forces. THE LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT Head of Government But no limit on the number of terms. Emperor Akihito THE EMPEROR Acts as the ceremonial Head of State "The symbol of the State of the unity of the people." Appoints the Prime Minister as designated by the Diet. Appoints the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as designated by the Diet. P W R E O S The National Diet The Legislative branch organ of Japan. Bicameral legislature. Composed of an upper house called the House of Councilors and a lower house called the House of Representatives. House of Councilors Has 242 members who each serve six-year terms. Must be at least 30 years old. Can veto a decision made by the House of Representatives House of Representatives Has 242 members who elected for a four-year term. from 11 multi-member 180 members are elected constituencies by a party-list system of proportional representation 300 are elected from single-member constituencies. More powerful house out of the two. Able to override vetoes on bills imposed by the House of Councillors with a two-thirds majority. THE JUDICIARY The whole judicial power is vested in the Supreme Court and lower courts established The courts are the final by law. adjudicators of all legal disputes. The Judicial System is the highest and final court that handles appeals filed against judgments rendered by the high courts. handle appeals filed against judgments rendered by the district, family or summary courts handle family affairs determinations and conciliations as well as juvenile delinquency cases handle the first instance of most types of civil and criminal cases. handle, in principle, civil cases involving claims which do not exceed 900,000 yen and criminal cases relating to offences punishable by fines or lighter penalties and civil conciliations. GOVERNMENT STRUCTURE ACTORS KEY POLITICAL An economic reformer Junichiro Koizumi Attracted international attention through his deployment of the Japan Self-Defense Forces to Iraq Emperor Hirohito Became the symbol of the new state and Japan's recovery By the end of his reign, Japan had emerged as the world's second largest economy.
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