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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Rip in Heaven A Non-fiction Memoir of Murderand its After math.By Jeannie Cummins Theme The theme of this book is that its important to staystrong beside your lovedones no matter what the situation may be. Thereason i know this is because when tomwas arrested for the murders ofhis cousins, his family was besidehim until they had received justice. Main Character The main character in thisstory is tom. He was 19 yrs oldand was a practicalperson, almost pessimistic in nature. He went from a high schoolscrew up to a young dedicated professional fireman. Plot-Line - Julie went to show Tom and Robin her poem she madeon the Chain of Rocks Bridge.- They were approach by 4 men.2 of the 4 brutally Raped Julie & Robin while Tom was forced to watch. Then the Two girls was forced off the bridge.-Tom was then accused for the murder of hishis two cousins.-Police found evidence on the bridge that led to a suspect, which got the case started.- The four men was then arrested and got thedeath penalty. What was Ginna feeling after tom explained to her what happen to her daughters?A. She was crying B. She was emotionlessC. She acted nonchalantD. She accused him immediately AR Rating I gave this 5 stars because its thebest Non-fiction book i have readso far. Also because it was well written and i like how it ended.Tom and his family had got justice for his cousins.
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