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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 D A Griffiths (2012) K3-Cubed Consulting ARE WE REALLY JUST MYTHS? People constantly say gifted children super smart learning machines with straight A's. But what people don't know is that the kid in the back of the class who is deemed to failure, may also be one of us. We are not a group of super smart nerds with the grades that always beat the class. Many of us are unmotivated children whocannot find a reason to participate. We mayhave the worst grades in class and we are DEFINITELY not always guaranteed for success. Since there are so many myths about gifted children there is a list i have created below to separate the truths to the false below Truth Gifted children may define getting an A as a success but anything below is a failure Gifted students are asynchronous. Their chronological age, social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development may all be at different levels. Lies Gifted students can accomplish anything they put their minds to. All they have to do is apply themselves. The primary value of the gifted student lies in his or her brain power. Lies The gifted student's family always prizes his or her abilities. Gifted students are nerds and social isolates. Gifted students do not need help. If they are really gifted, they can manage on their own.. Gifted children are son much more than you may realize. We can't do anything because we put our mind to it, but we can be ourselves and that is more than anything you could ask for. So stop telling people we are superheros that can accomplish any feat, because we are just kids like you, and nobody will ever be able to change that. APPRECIATE US FOR US NOT OUR MINDS
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