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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Arab Spring began December 17th of 2010. This namewas given because of the number of demonstration inrevolutions of political and cultural character. Four countries achieved their goal and Facebook was the most important tool to do it. THE STRONGEST TOOL IN ARAB SPRING FACEBOOK, Mohamed Bouazizi burned himself after been misstreatedby the police. The revolution started"We sacrifice our lives for you Mohamed".President Ben Ali was overthrown.The Tunisian´s recover their freedom. This suicide was posted on Facebook andbecause of the anger people startedto join to the cause. Tomado de: TwitterFacebook 80% of Tunisian 10.3 millions in Tunisia (17Th Dec-14Th Jan) Another person sets himself on fire in front of the Egyptian parlament in cairo then the biggest demonstrationstake place in Egyptian cities, because of that thousands ofpeople were arrested.Days after Hosni Mubarak dismissed his government.The Egyptian army decide to help the demonstrators. The military take the power of Egypt and Hosny Mubarak was gone. (17th Jan-11th Feb) This hole Egyptian situation was followed by people on Facebook and that cause a domino effect inYemen and other countries. Becouse the results of Egypt, Thousands ofdemonstrations began in Yementhe people in Yemen capital ask for president Ali Abdullah to step down. Abdullah accept to step as Yemeni presiden in 2013.Against that 20 thousand people march in Sana'a Yemen.Two protesters were shot to dead in street.Security force open fire on demonstrators.Ali Abdullah offers a new constitution that givesYemen a parlament.Yemen`s president fires his entire cabinetYemen`s president says he will stand downbefore the end of 2011. Countries involve in Arab Spring (22th Jan- 28th March) Demonstrations began in five Lybian cities, many people die. Rebels in Lybia take control of Zawiyah, Barack Obama intervenswith the consideration of a no-fly zone over Lybia´s as a government. The UN was in favor. Minister Moussa Koussa step down. Lybia Yemen Egypt Tunisia (17th Feb-30th March)
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