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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A Peasant's Lament rom my birth to my death I was never allowed to go more than a 5 mile radius from where I was born. This has always been my life as a peasant having no freedom whatsoever, mostly living in the Lord's manor. People rarely got freedom, unless they decided to runaway and be able to stay alive in a town for a year, then they would be considered free. Only young peasants would do this because you can't survive with a whole family in this town because begging was considered a crime and you had nothing. very day is filled with challenges. Because we had to work on the lord's land for 3 days and we only have 3 days to work on our own land to produce food for our family to live on. And on Sundays we weren't even allowed to work since the lord is so religious, so he will look at the whole church andmake sure that every single serf is accounted for at the church on Sundays. sually us peasants weren't allowed to leave our own property, the manor, and marry, but some peasant were freemen who paid fees to the noble for the right to farm and they had rights under the law that they could move whenever and wherever they wanted to. The peasants who weren't freemen were called serfs. Serfs had to give crops to the lord and if they wanted to used the village'smill, bread oven, or winepress they would have to pay the lord. o you know what it's like to have to make our own houses to live in? Our houses were basically made out of wattle and daub. What is daub, well daub is basically straw, mud, water, and cow dung. We had to mix this up with our feet and put it on our wattle structure. Then paint it white. Our structure basically smelled really bad for the a couple of weeks, but then it was a perfectly good living condition. It held the heat in at night and kept the house cool during the day. nd usually we would have lots of children, and to deliver these are old hags out in the woods who had dirty hands. Since we had no doctors, no medication, and most importantly, no running water. We usually have lots of children because most of them die since we have no doctors or medications to keep them alive. ords are lazy. The only thing they do is sit in a chair and order things around. Like to protect our lands hejust asks his knights to protect our lands. He just rules the land, while he orders us peasants to work on it. And if we want to get married he had the right to say who we could marry. When it was our 3 days towork with the lord he would make us perform his services for him. f you had a family, then the women would work in the fields and raise the children at the same time. Thewomen would also gather and prepare your family's food. Each day hey mixed bread dough and baked it in community ovens. Bread was the main food in the medieval diet. We ate it with vegetables, milk, nuts, and fruits. The women were worked harder than the men since they had so many things to do in so little time. iddle ages, they are ending and now we are allowed to buy our release. Away from the lord now,and now we can farm on our own lands and be able to produce food for my family and I only.But the problem with that is that we have no land, no food, and no house, so the only way wecan survive is by the lord. erfs, that's the term that we are called as you may all know. We weren't considered enslaved, becausethe Lords couldn't sell us or take away the land given to us to support ourselves. If we were born intothis family then we stayed in this class, we weren't allowed to move up even if you were smarterand deserved it more than maybe the son of the Lord. If you were born in a family you stayed there.
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