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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Early Industrialization in America -greatest contributor to American manufacturing Created Interchangable Parts System Greater demand for cash crops like cotton inspired improvements in farming technology. Eli Whitney Cast-iron plow required one man and one yokeof oxen to plow an acrein one day. During the early 1800s, industry became a larger part of the American economy. Due to improved technology and inspired men, this change allowed for a wide increase in manufacturing as well as agricultural production. These changes had a significant effect on the everyday lives of the American people and the overall future of the United States. Inventor of the Cotton Gin The Federal arsenal could make 245muskets in 2years before interchangable parts. Whitney made 500 muskets for the United Statesin one year with thesystem of interchangableparts. Improvements in Manufacturing Interchangable Parts system led to the mass production of wooden clocks and sewing machines. Improvements in Agriculture New York farmer Jethro Woodpatented an effectivecast-iron plow madeout of interchangableparts Cast-iron Plow A wooden plow required two men and four oxento plow one acrein a day. Cradle Scythe Farmers couldn't harvest more than a half an acre a day beforethis invention. This 1820 invention used to mow hay allowed one farmerto do the work of 8 to 10 men. The Horse Rake Mechanical Thresher This 1836 invention separatedwheat from chaff. It divided the man-hours needed to produce an acre of wheat in two. This invention allowed a person to clean 50 times more short staple cotton in a day. Early American Industrialization Statistics Nearly 1.25 million spindles were in use in Americain 1831. By 1830, Pittsburgh produced100 steam engines a yearand Cincinnatti produced 150. Joey Gutbrod, Adam Kaye. Matt Hiti "American System of Production"
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