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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Brook Farm- George Ripley few agriculturally experienced Philosophy Goals Achieved -little agricultural success -poor land and inexperienced workers -transcendental movement -farming as the personal growth to an individual because it was far way from a market methods - "The Symbol of Universal unity"a ritutal where all the members would hold hands and vowing truth to the cause of God and Humanity.- provided housing, clothing food for work whichincluded $1 a day for everybody in the community grasp ideas + work = mental freedom-> simple wholesome life Contributions Ralph Waldo Emerson = î transcendentalism and Romanticism literature Also influences religion in mid 1800'sreflected desire for immediate godly experiences 9th December 2014 Wrote About1. Social Problems2. Political Problems 1. James Russel Lowell2. John Greenleaf Whittier3. Horace Greeley The Dial Major Magazines and Newspaper companies The Harbinger Brook Farm- 175 acre farm West Roxbury, Massachusetts known as a "Phalanx" AP U.S. History- Ms. Mulhern Brook Farm's Plan For Success - Human culture- brotherly cooperation- individual freedom- humane relationships- complete harmony- combined spiritual ideas, and values, unifying mind and body, spirit and flesh 1. Charles A Dana -later edited Horace Greeley's political newspaper The New York Tribune2. Nathaniel Hawthorne -Major Romantic writer The Scarlett Letter complete equality between men and women Chris HelleBrendan Boyle
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