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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 While in his second year at Yale, Noyesmade what he considered a major theological discovery. While attempting to determine the date of the second coming of Christ,Noyes became convinced that the eventhad already occurred. His conclusion was that Christs secondcoming had taken place in 70 AD and that therefore"mankind was now living in a new age."With this in mind Noyes became increasingly concerned with salvation from sinand with perfection. He began to argue with hiscolleagues that unless man was truly free of sinthen Christianity was a lie, and that only those who were perfect and free of sinwere true Christians. Birth and Death: Major Info: English The Oneida Community Religon: John Humphrey Noyes DOB:September 3, 1811Brattleboro, VermontDOD: April 13, 1886 Niagara Falls, Ontario Population by Year: 87 in 1848172 in 1850208 in 1852306 in 1878 Location: Oneida, New York Language: Social Ideals Christian -John Humphrey Noyes-leader for 33 years-Religiously-based Perfectionist Community -Tried to create "heaven on earth" -They were intimately involved with the ideas and beliefs that might bring closer together the spiritual and physical realms of their existence-Challenged contemporary social views on property ownership, gender roles, child-rearing practices, monogamous marriage, and work. -Did it to obtain balance on the personal and community levels -Model for a new world order-Insistence on life-long learning, vigorous health, and the abandonment of the self for the good of the whole,-They developed a work ethic of industriousness so deep it flowed into one of the most impressive manufacturing companies of the 20th century. - Noyes believed in "Bible Communism." The idea that all people in the community must achieve "spiritual equilibrium." - Believed that Jesus had already returned in AD 70. -They believe that they were the ones to bring heaven to earth. - Believed that their community was perfect and it had to be perfect. (Perfectionist Community)
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