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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Goals and Accomplishments By Zain Shahzad and Kyle Coletta Antebellum Reformers: White Abolitionists Methods of Spreading Abolitionism Impacts on Society Elijah Lovejoy John Brown John/Jean Rankin Charles Grandison Finney+ Theodore Dwight Weld Important Reformers William Lloyd Garrison Antebellum Reformers:White Abolitionists Special Groups Special Groups Underground Railroad:A Society that tried to aid runaway slaves through secret connections and routes around the North and South border. "Liberator"A newspaper that spread various anti-slavery views and was committed to total abolition of slavery nationwide. Oberlin abolitionismA movement started by antislavery revivalists in New York. American Anti-Slavery Society: A society that centered its focus on the abolition of slavery nationwide. The goals of these white abolitionists were to abolish slavery through immediate emancipation, rather than gradual emancipation or restriction of slavery from the West like the free-soil party wanted, and to persuade the government to remove the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850. These abolitionists eventually achieved their goals, for slavery was abolished after the Civil War through the means of the Emancipation Proclamation. These abolitionists used lectures and speaking sessions coordinated all around the country with various prestigious abolitionist speakers, including many black abolitionists like Frederick Douglass, to get their point across. Also, the abolitionists spread their messages to the general American public through the "Liberator". The abolitionists impacted society by spreading anti-slavery beliefs around the country which impacted American culture and politics. Their influence also led to stronger pro-slavery arguments which would cause bigger sectional divides in the country. These divides would lead to the American Civil War, where the issue of slavery would be resolved once and for all. Created the Liberator newspaper and burned the Bibleand Constitution to show hissupporters that the world had to befixed. Garrison was a major playerin the abolitionist movement, especially through the "Liberator." Burned by mob after publishing anti-slavery literature in hopes ofchanging public opinion in Illinois A very important abolitionist figure at the Pottawatomie Creek Massacre and Harper's Ferry. Had a home above the Ohio River known as Liberty Hill, where they helped save many slaves in Ripley, Ohio. Finney was responsible for the Oberlin abolitionism movement in upstate NY. Weld worked with him and continued his work through revivalism and activism.
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