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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Mormonism Important People Places Joseph Smith: Founder of Mormonism, writer of the Book of MormonBrigham Young: Leader of Mormons after the death of Smith, founded Salt Lake City Salt Lake City: Eventual home of Mormons. Beliefs Mormons believe that there is no such concept as original sin. Hence, this means that Mormons believe that one is judged purely on their actions during his/her life.Mormons also believe that God the Father had a physical body. Persecution and Effect On Belief Wherever Mormons relocated, they dominated the social and political institutions, as they tended to vote as a bloc.In addition to being active in politics, Mormons were also anti-slavery, drawing the ire of slave owners.Further more, they were polygamist, leading to more hostilities against them.This led to violence against them, ranging from militias to a third of the standing of the Federal United States Army (the latter being sent against their residence in Salt Lake).As opposed to the pacifist reformist groups of the time, the Mormons used their Scripture to justify violence and killing to defend themselves against persecution. 1820s: Mormonism founded by Joseph Smith 1830: Church of Christ formally organized by Smith1844: Mormons move to Nauvoo, Illinois, where Smith is killed1844: Largest group of Mormons, Church of Latter Day Saints, accept Brigham Young as new leadermid 1840s: Mormons relocate to Utah1857: Mountain Meadows massacre, mass murder of emigrants by the Mormon militia Events
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