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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 LOGO HERE Shakers double click to change this header text! Immigrated to New England--NH, VT, MA, MEGained population by seeking converts Branched off of QuakersLeader: Mother Ann Lee, regarded as the second coming of ChristWanted to achieve a sin-free society Goals:1. To continually seek perfection2. To restore God's world by working diligently 3. To reject sexual intercourse and all other lustful gratifications 4. To create a community that resembled heaven 5. To treat all members equally Immigrated to New England--NH, VT, MA, ME How did the Shakers achieve their goals? 1. Separated themselves from the rest of the population2. lived by strict regulations that emphasized celibacy and the confession of sins 3. stressed equality among all members 4. Created a community lifestyle Accomplished Goals: 1. Six thousand believers lived in nineteen communal villages in 1840 2. Villages were carefully constructed and maintained 3. Shakers' southern societies freed slaves and began buying believers out of slavery 4. Invented a variety of labor-saving devices Major Impact and Lasting Contribution:1. Advanced education system2. Valued gender equality3. Extremely hardworking and devoted (furniture making, farming, educating youth, etc.)4. Invented labor-saving devices (clothespin, circular saw) The Shakers--also known as the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Coming--originated as Quaker dissidents. Most important person: Ann Lee: regarded as the second coming of Christ and led her followers to the United States Valued communal living, productive labor, celibacy, pacifism and equality of the sexes By Sarah and Kate pd. 4/5
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