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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Anatomy and Physiology Semester 1 Infographic Unit 1 Transport:-Negative feedback loops increase or decrease certain hormones to maintainhomeostasis while the only positivefeedback loop is childbirth-Cells make up tissues, which makeup organs, which make up organ systems,which make up organisms Unit 2 Histology:-Regenerates easily: epithelial,fibrous connective, bone-Regenerates poorly: skeletal-Creates a scar: cardiac, nervous-Germ layers: ectoderm (nervoustissue), mesoderm (muscle/connective tissue Unit 3 Cardiovascular (Blood):-Hemostasis:1. platelet plug formation2. vascular spasms3. coagulation Unit 4 Cardiovascular (Heart):-SVC/IVC, rt. atrium, tricuspid valve, rt. ventricle, pul. semilunar valves, pul. trunk, pul. arteries, lungs,pul. veins, left atrium,bicuspid valve, left ventricle,aortic semilunar valves, aorta-Veins: thin walls, blood to heart, larger lumen-Arteries: thick walls, away from heart, smaller lumen-Capillaries: thin walls, two layers, exchange of materials takes place Courtney DowdyAlloju-4 Unit 6 Digestive:-Stomach function: churn food intochyme, breakdown food because of HCl-Small intestine function: neutralizechyme, absorb nutrients into bloodin duodenum, jejunum, and ileum--Large intestine function: absorbH2O and vitamins B and K, eliminatewaste Unit 7 Urinary:-Kidney-->ureter-->urinary bladder-->urethra-->out-Active AND passive transport occurin nephrons-Promote water retention: ADH, salt-Promote water loss: alcohol, caffeine, increasedtemperature, diuretics-Urine composition: water, salt, sugar,urea (N2) Unit 5 Respiratory:-Carbon monoxide poisoning: CO binds to hemoglobin,impairs O2 delivery-External transport:--RBC=Hb+O2--Plasma=HCO3+H->H2CO3->CO2-Internal transport:--RBC=HbO2->Hb+O2--Plasma=CO2+H2O->H2CO3->H+HCO3 Unit 8 Integumentary:-Responsible for hair, nails, andskin color-The skin is the largest organ ofthe body-Every month you have a wholenew layer of skin-The average amount of hairs ona head is 120,000
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