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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 группа компаний APS Перевозка грузов из Европы в страны СНГ и назад Крупная компания-перевозчик с головным офисом в Минске и отделениями в Москве и Франкфурте склады в Европе свои фуры свои маленьки е машинки APS - это: 1000 сотрудник овв 2014 году 500+ рефрижерато ров и тентов перевозо к в год 20 000+ 4.Teachers dont have time! Teachers think that additional planning and preparationis needed to implement lessons incorporating technology;so try to make it easy for them, various apps and toolsavailable over the Internet can help put together a lessonplan: EvernoteCommon Core Standards by MasteryConnectCommon Core ConceptBANK by Scootpad CorporationClassroom Ideas to Go! by ScholasticPlanbook Touch by HellmansoftPages by AppleGoogle Drive by GoogleEdmodoMy Big Campus by Lightspeed Systems 5.Teachers will only learn sociallywith peers Discussing and sharing concerns with peers is very importantin learning about educational use of ICT, social learning toolscan not only make your existing programs better, they canalso extend them to leverage more of the untapped expertiseyou have within your network and beyond 6.Use Flipped classroom (do it yourself) It is not enough for the teacher to observe the use oftechnology in education; doing it by themselves handson experience is largely required, so use online learningbut also review and guide their actual practice in their own classroom. 7.Observe progress without assessment No Assessment Teachers feel that traditional assessment of their ICT skills were unhelpful; its better to move away from assessment towards continuous feedback and mentoring. 8.Become the technology leader Success will only come if you lead the transition of youreducators; so lead and show everyone that you are leading this change. 9.Gradually change your teachers Use a combination of various techniques and approachesto change the teachers over a period of time and dontexpect change to happen in 2 weeks 10.Promote continuous learning Communicate the importance of building and maintainingan online personal learning network (PLN), All educators (and learners) can benefit from extending their own PLN online beyond the limits of their experience. Infograph by Teachers Plus | | December 2014
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