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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How Do People Handle Money In Social Situations? (Marketing) [Alex Cotoc] These days everyone is shopping mindlessly, whether the products are necessities or luxuries. This study shows what makes customers tick to go on their shopping rampage. People tendto shop more carelessly when in groups thanwhen aloneIf people are with friends, they will become obligatedto spend more money than usual Based on my observations at Fairview mall, groups willhave at least 3x the number of shopping goods per person than if you would just shop alone The amount of money spent by consumers has a general trend to increase depending on how many consumers are buying things together. In the case of thesegraphs, i predict that in a group of 6 people, you are likely to see people with 3-4 bagsbelonging to just one person. Therefore, the more people that are shopping in a group togethermeans that more people will conform to buy the same product.If one person want's something, everybody else has to have it to promote a sense of equality. Such statements are easily spotted by hearing: "Dude, buy this I'm getting one too" Sometimes people feel like they have something to prove, and that byspending as much money as their groupmates, they can prove that theyare equal in terms of financial stability. Moral of the story is, if you shopin groups you are more than likely to have a poor budget plan,shop carelessly, and/or go on a complete shopping rampage.
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