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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 is a post-cosmetology advanced hair academy located in Carlsbad, California. Join us anddiscover the skills to achieve a higher level of success! Honors Track /TheKielAcademy @TheKielAcademy f t MATH TRACKS 12PM COLOR CORRECTION DEMO CLASSES IDEAL FOR hairstylistsassistantssalon ownerseducators Regular or Honors? Which one is right for you? ONLY Should I trek down the honors track? $35 Regular Track Pre-Algebra, Algebra A,B,C, Geometry, Algebra II, Pre-Calculus 1, Stats, Pre-Cal 2, Pre-Cal 3, Honors Elements of Calculus, AP Stats, AP Calculus AB and Physics C $ EXPERT COLORISTS DON'T AVOID HAIR CATASTROPHES GREEN ENDS? SKUNKY COLOR? REGISTER REGISTER BRASSY HIGHLIGHTS? HOT ROOTS? Pre-Algebra Algebra A, B, C Geometry Intermediate Algebra Pre-Calculus 1 Pre-Calculus 2 Pre-Calculus 3 Honors Elementsof Calculus APStatistics AP Calculus AB& AP Physics C Honors Geometry HonorsIntermediate Algebra Honors Pre-Calculus Honors Elements of Calculus Honors Pre-Calculus AP Stats AP Calculus AB/AP Physics C AP Calculus BC @ Yes, if you have an understanding how and why mathematical techniques work (not just applying algorithms.) Yes, if you enjoy researching and exploring mathematics topics independently Yes, if solving novel problems (ones for which they do not have a prescribed algorithm) appeals to you Honors SeminarMathematics Statistics
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