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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Keyboard Utilization Computer ScreenPlacement Posture Breaks Ergonomic Desk Set Up Productive and Healthy Workspace Eyes straight aheadAvoid looking down or up for prolonged periods of timeKeep spine straight Avoid crossing your legs while seatedShoulders and hips are in alignmentKnees are aligned over the anklesBoth feet should touch the floor(if not utilize a foot rest) Computer screen is highenough allowing you to lookstraight aheadPlace an object (such as abook) under the screen orlaptop to raise the screenif necessary Ergonomic Sitting Design Your Workspace API Ergonomic Guide Proper Posture ComputerScreen Placement Keyboard Utilization Take a posture break every 30 minutes for just 20 secondsOpen your arms and chest and lean back in yourchair with your back straightAllow head to go back too Keyboard placed at elbow heightUtilize a keyboard cushionto support your wristsKeep wrists in a neutral position (avoid prolongedflexion)Keep wrist in neutral position while utilizing themouseUtilize a mouse cushion toavoid excessive wrist flexion From the side: (lateral view)The ear and shoulder are in alignmentShoulders are pulled backand not rounded forwardThe shoulders are aligned over the hipsThe hips are aligned over the knee and ankleFrom the front (anterior view)Eyes are parallel to the horizon (looking straight ahead)Shoulder are levelHips are levelKnees are pointing forwardToes are pointing forward Posture Breaks Infographic Expert Tip: Save your neck byutilizing a portable headset for telephone usage Proper Ergonomic Example Ergonomic Sitting Proper Posture Posture by Design, Not by Circumstance
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