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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Reform Ideology Libertarian Constitution The Constitution Party has a foundation of Nationalism and Biblical terms. A very right-winged party that believes the country should be run on a fundamental basis of extreme interpretation of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bible. 2012 Candidate Virgil H. Goode "Only God can protect this Nation" Political Issue Stances Political Leaders Current: Frank Fluckiger, Randall Stufflebeam, and Cindy RedburnHistorical: Howard Phillips, Herb Titus,and Immigration: Opposing amnesty for illegal aliens, the Constitution states that is will protect its citizens from Alien thus we must control the flow into the nationas well as not grand pardon for anyone enteringillegally.Abortion: Taking an innocent life will never be justified therefore all abortion clinics are a crime against god.Death Penalty: This punishment should only be usedif absolutely necessary, if he has defied god.Gun Control:The right to bear arms is a given right to individuals for self-defenseGay Marriage: Th Bible defines marriage between one man and one woman and that's how is is naturally meant to be. "Don't be fooled by the spoils of the Government" Ideology 2012 Candidate Andre Barnett Political Issue Stances Immigration: Enforce existing Immigration laws and oppose any kind of Illegal Immigration. Abortion: Reform Party does not currently hold a single stance on abortionDeath Penalty: Reform Party does not currently hold a single stance on Capital PunishmentGun Control: Reform Party does not currently hold a single stance on Gun ControlGay Marriage: Reform Party does not currently hold a single stance on marriage Political Leaders Current: David Collison,Bill C. Merrell, and Nicholas Hensley Historical: Ross Perot, Ralph Nader and Pat Choate Ideology "Less Government, less stress" The Libertarian party is founded on the fundamental principles of free market economy and political freedom. The seek to end government intervention in most daily affair to let the economy and social aspects take the course naturally. Sociallyliberal but fiscally conservative. 2012 Candidate Gary Johnson Political Issue Stances Immigration: Undocumented immigrants are apart of the economy and society and this type of crime is muchdifferent than other crimes such as rape or murder therefore we must adjust immigration laws to match the flow of immigration into the country to have them access to rights.Abortion: The Libertarian Party holds no single stance on AbortionDeath Penalty: Though there is no single stance from the party, most party members believe the punishment is too much for any crime. Gun Control: The Second Amendment is well stated in the Constitution and therefore all citizens should be able to execute the right to self-defense.Gay Marriage: All acts against homosexuality should be revoked. Political Leaders Current: Nicholas Sarwark and Wes Benedict Historical: John Hospers and David Nolan The big government in the United States is corrupt.Too much spending, the deficit is a problem thatmust be address immediately to safeguard futurefinances. Protecting citizens is a priority.
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