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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lou is XVI In 1792 Louis decides to declare war on Prussia and Austira for ressources despite their attempts to secure the French monarchy. Louis XVI attempts to shut down the Estates General by locking them out of their meeting room in 1789 which in return fuels the Estate to make an oath that they will not stop until a constitution is created. VS The creation of these faulty constitutions would lead to many protests from woman and third estate men complaining about their lack of poltical rights to clergy members being upset over unifcation between the church and government which futher fueled the revolution. les femmes ont besoin de droits droit de vote égalité = In 1791 due to being worried about possible failure with constitutional monarchy, Louis attempts to flee Paris and France with his family yet is caught and arrested in Varennes. After his failed escape from France it is clear to French citizens that the monarchy is not the way to go which leads to the rise of many Republic groups in who would fight to the top to have their ideal inforced, even if violence is required. = Although the war ended with French victory, France lost a valuable ally and had its military weakened which would to later defeats and bring rise to the Jacobins, a group of Republic radicals who would be responsible for hundred of executions during the Reign of Terror. LINKS: sp?ParagraphID=MDIand ench-revolution.html By: Luis Casquete
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