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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Henry VII and Henry VIII Henry VII and Henry VIII Ferdinand and Isabelle Ferdinand and Isabelle A new monarch is a monarch that stabilizes and centralizes their government. A new monarch is a monarch that stabilizes and centralizes their government. Completed the Reconquista Weakening of Nobles They came to power before war of roses, his family defated house of york Hired gentry to serve as justices of peace,enforced the kings law & collect taxes Increased power of his royal court the Star Chamber & gave them cases from nobles Breaks of from catholic church w/ advice from Thomas Cromwell to have a son in the next throne Weakening of Church Starts a new religion (Anglican) & is the head of it instead of the pope Preventing people from evading taxes Improvement in Tax Collection & Money Increasing fines for criminals= decreased crime & increased treasury Sold monopolies ,those in posession could sell their products without fear of competition Weakened the nobility Secure borders & strong navy reduction of the number of nobles on the royal council.Royal Council went from consisting of nobles to toprelates (clergy) & some jurists Greater Nobles attended but weren'tallowed to vote. With the Spanish Reconquista they gained their land back and established it with strict religious orthodoxy which was helped with the Spanish Inquisition. This led them to gain Granada. Ferdinand secured his boarders byconquering the kingdom of Navarre & gain the alliance of Hermandad They also created a powerful army to be fullysecured. Ferdinand was mostly in charge of the military END OF FEUDALISM END OF FEUDALISM by Maria H. & Karen M.
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