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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Center of Buddihism the many the Art Art directly influencedby Siddhartha Gautama "Buddhas of Bamiyan"504-554 AD, AfghanistanMain bodies carved out of the sandstone cliffs at an altitude of 2,500 feetStucco was used to emphasizeexpressionsMud-straw mixture used for armsLies on The Silk RoadDynamited by the Taliban in 2001 because they were "idols" "Footprint of the Buddha"1st century (pre-iconic), GandharaSiddhartha placed his footprints in theareas where his teachings wouldflourish (flew to Sri Lanka).Dharmachakra= Buddha "Seokguram Grotto/ Seokgamoni Buddha"742-751 AD, South KoreaFunctions as a hermitage and a templeOriginally called "Stone Buddha Temple"Built by Gim Daeseong, it was dedicated to hisparents from a previous lifeExemplifies some of the best Buddha sculpturesin the worldThe Seokgamoni Buddha: one of the most highlyregarded pieces of Buddhist art To stop desire man must follow the Eightfold path (eithics, compassion, selflessness). This is done through years of meditation of the self and world. Buddhism is centered around respect and ultimately love for all life. "Great Stupa"3rd century BC-1st century AD, Sanchi, IndiaA Buddhist shrine, mound shaped, and facedwith dressed stone.Three Umbrellas= Buddha, Buddha's Law,and Monastic Orders.Originally whiteReplica of the dome of heavenTorana "Standing Buddha"1st century (iconic), GandharaDue to the invasion of Greece under the rule of Demetrius I of Bactria, Buddhist artcontained a Greek influence until 75 AD of Buddhism
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