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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 NAPOLEON BONAPARTE Napoleon Bonaparte was a French Military and political leader. Later in his life, he was the Emperor of France. He dominated European affairs for about two decades and won a majority of his battles. This caused him to have control to most of Europe. double click to change this title text! PARTICIPATION IN THE FRENCH REVOLUTION Napoleon was the leader of the French. He commanded on what to conquer, do and what the next step was. GAINING HIS POWER GAINING SUPPORT Napoleon was part of the Frenchmilitary. He quickly rose ranks to general. The French Revolutionary government was directly attacked by a mob Parisian protesters. Napoleon then, repelled them. In turn, he demanded them to make him first consul for life. He was proven to be one of the most successful people in the French military so gaining support wasn't exactly hard for him. GOVERNMENT ESTABLISHED AGREEMENT OF NAPOLEON AND THE CHURCH AGAINST BRITAIN, SPAIN & RUSSIA CONTRIBUTION TO HIS FALL HIS FALL Napoleon established an empire. Himself being the emperor. Napoleon's contribution to his fall was when he made his army go to russia. In Russia, they weren't ready for the winter which caused hundred thousands of to die. This started Napoleon's fall. Napoleon then admitted that majority of France was catholic. In return, the Catholic Church acknowledged the consul. It all started when Napoleon tried to invade Russia with an army filled with hundred and thousands.Then, after this failure, he still tried to conquer Prussia, Sweden and Great Britain. Attempting to reconstruct his empire, Napoleon liberized the constitution. His efforts then was cut short. Napoleon was also crushed in Waterloo, Belgium. He then surrendered to Britain then he was sent an island as a prisoner. Napoleon tried to invade Spain, Britain and Russia. RESULTS OF THE NAPOLEONIC ERA The French military then weakened after the fall of Napoleon. Same with Austria, its monarchy weakened. Itay continued to toil under Forgein domination. As forPoland, it was conquered by Russia. Prussia got stronger while Portugal was economically devastated as well as Spain. UK then was still the strongest in the world. EUROPEANS AFTER NAPOLEON'S DECLINE CONGRESS OF VIENNA CONGRESS OF VIENNA SHAPE THE POLITICAL LANDSCAPE OF EUROPE Congress of Vienna was a conference of Ambassadors of Europe. Its main objective was was to provide a long term peace between the European states by setting the issues that were arising from the French Revolution. The Congress of Vienna helped shape the political landscape by preventing political revolutions such as the French Revolution to occur. Majority of the countries in Europe got much advantages from the Napoleonic Era which caused them to get better. But for some like Russia the Napoleonic era was nothing but negative.
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