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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Main Regular PMO method and tools Ensure regular communications Secure portfolio organization Track and report portfolio progress against plans What- Global governance- Effective planning including projects' dependances- Swift decision making process- Risk and issue tracking and prioritizing What- Continuous planning monitoring - Regular follow up on project deliverables and requests- Budget monitoring What- Regular report towards regulators- Communication and transparency at all levels of the project : monthly reports and dashboards - Frequent newsletter for internal communication Share knowledge - Documentation platform management - Operational support to the workgroups and challenge the content of deliverables- Provide project management know-how, expertise and back-office support Project Dashboard Our expertise serving your specificities Your portfolio management cannot be satisfied by the setting of classic yet must have method and tools. Indeed, the PMO ecosystem must also include your DNA, your in place organization/governance/ management and pull your resources together to the targets. NB: All the illustrations are shown bigger in the appendixes Why- Understanding your way of managing projects is mandatory to setthe portfolio management organisation- The granularity of our assignment will be defined with the currentmanaging organisation- Those tools will be the framework of the decision taking toolbox Why- A standardized project level dashboard makes the data gathering easier- Set a COMEX compliant dashboard- Allow a global decision taking process regarding the key parameters of the portfolio Why- Communication helps keeping people gathered and motivated- Portfolio Dashboard Budget dashboard
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