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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Main RegularPMO method and tools Ensure regular communications Secure project organization Track and report project progress against plans Hackathon The Lab - Global governance- Effective planning including projects' dependances- Swift decision making process- Risk and issue tracking and prioritizing - Continuous planning monitoring - Regular follow up on project deliverables and requests- Budget monitoring - Regular report towards regulators- Communication and transparency at all levels of the project : monthly reports and dashboards - Frequent newsletter for internal communication Share knowledge - Documentation platform management - Operational support to the workgroups and challenge the content of deliverables- Provide project management know-how, expertise and back-office support - Enlist people coming from the project teams, but also, if relevant, expert from outside- Using a specific space such as the lab in order to create the most accurate environment- Maintain an intense atmosphere during the all session (usually 24 to 48h)- Make people think out of the box, in a collaborative way - Welcoming, open to all and scalable space- Gathering place for every contributor to the projects- Goals: - Create / imagine new ideas and concepts - Assure those new ideas/concepts development - Quickly define perennial and shared solutions to identified difficulties/obstacles Program Overview Project Dashboard Team work's result Newsletter 25 ongoing pilot projects Worldwide L'Oréal DNA Digital Collaborative work Cross-functional Eurogroup added value Our expertise serving your specificities X project managers
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