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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 RIP A of C1781-1789 The Articles of Confederation (the Constitution's horrible, terrible, useless precursor) The Articles of Confederation: America's first attempt at a constitution. Their purposewas to serve as guidelines for the new government that needed to be formed to replace the British government. FederalPowers Limitations StatePowers Limitations They were AWFUL! -Declare war/peace-Resolve conflicts between state boundaries- Establish post offices- Determine valueof coins- Appoint officersof the army- Deal with "IndianAffairs" - No federal judicial powers (except crimes that took place on the seas)- No power of taxation (except postage)- No chief executive- Not allowed to raise an army- Couldn't regulate trade- Although it couldregulate the value of money, it couldn't demand one central currency, causing disorganization On top of all of it's problems listed below, the amendment process for the A of C was completely inefficient. In order for any-thing to be changed, the entire Congress and all of the states would need to agree uponsaid change, making it an unlikely occurence. - Regulate trade- Establish armiesduring war-time- Print money- Impose taxes- Judiciary power- Approve laws - Couldn't enterinto treaty withother states orforeign powers- Couldn't makeimposts ontrade that int-erfered withforeign treatiesmade by Congress- Couldn't declarewar- Couldn't send orreceive foreign ambassadors.
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