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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Facebook enablesCONNECTING WITH EXPERTS in both equine assisted learning& in education with experts fromaround the world. This is importantto development of EngliShop'svalue-added service of Leadership &Team-building training with horses,as well as the development of asuccessful presentation for the MarchEncounters15 conference A Networking Journey Horse Owner / Stable Owner & English Trainer 2000-2011 A vocational schoolCLIENT RECOMMENDATIONleads to Haaga-Helia's VocationalTeacher's Certification asa useful educational toolfor an entrepreneurship. Ongoing contact with: - client network - ESL network - horse industry network - education network Encounters15 is an BLOGGING is among myday-to-day networkingactivities as well as beingactive in various forms ofsocial media, such asGoogle+ and Facebook Encounters15 Sponsors:-Haaga-Helia Porvoo-Laurea-City of Porvoo-Federation of Finnish Learned Societies-TyรถsuojelurahastoPossible FUTURE NETWORKS for EngliShop??? Collaboration withAuthors & Experts COLLABORATING ONLINE with authorssuch as Kay Sudekum Trotter, author of'Harnessing the Power of Equine AssistedCounseling' to develop role-playing activitiesand content for Encounter15 presentation SHARING, IDEAS- connections,seminars, workshop opportunitiesas well as vital information on trendingnew health and well-being serviceusing horses for therapy onsoldiers experiencing PTSDwith German pioneer, Ilka Parent Thank goodness forIT and social media.Otherwise, I couldnever do all of this! Work & StudyNetwork & Play SCHOOLS such asHaaga-Helia can bethe best resource forlearning teachingtrends and tools foreducation as wellas the Finnish Edsystem & how to integrate that intothe private sector YouTube is a greatresource for sharinghorse training and equine assistedtherapy techniques SATISFIED CLIENTS arethe greatest resource for networking-Not only for new business, but alsofor new training ideas & programs! The Road of Lifelong Learning & Networking for EngliShop "There is something about the outside of ahorse that is good for the inside of a man."(Winston S. Churchill) TEACHER SHADOWING of Pia Kiviaho-Kallioleads to introduction of Encounters15Conference Chairperson, Dr. Tarja Kantolawho is also Principal Lecturer for LaureaUniversity of Applied Sciences in Porvoo. This NETWORKING leads to an invitation topresent the topic of Equines in Educationduring a 3-day NETWORKING CONFERENCEin March 2015 Certification Training Spring & Summer 2014 Encounters 15 March 2015 Business BalletNov/Dec 2014 How one entrepreneur evolves by broadening community and developing new networks Living and working in Finland 10 years leads toCORPORATE NETWORKS and the start-up of anentrepreneurship, EngliShop. The first 5 years devotedto teaching & marketing a successful entrepreneurship.Next 5 years: R&D, training and value-adding projects LEARNNEWAPPS! Now I'm reallyjuggling time!!! Don't forgetto PLAY withthe horses!!! "Hmm . . .Horses are 600 kilos ofmirrored truth!" Riding, training, caring for and simplyhorsing-around with horses for 14 yearsand suddenly a revelation--Horses are 600 kilos of mirrored truthand would make the perfect teacher! Vocational Teacher Certification coursebegins & Haaga-Helia network begins,along with program development of EALLeadership & Team-building program toincorporate into EngliShop Two weeks of not only training for certificationbut also networking with professionals and EquineAssisted Learning (EAL) specialists in bothScotland & the United Kingdom Revelation of using horses in teachingkicks off internet research & emailinghorse industry contacts, which leads tointernational certification with EAGALAEquine Assisted Growth & LearningAssociation (4,200 horse experts andpsychiatrists from 49 countries) Networking during TEACHER PDP DISCUSSION leadsto connection with Haaga-Helia Porvoo's blended learning course "Business Ballet" & course SeniorLecturer, Pia Kiviaho-Kallio, who happens to be aco-coordinator for Encounters15- a project onmulti-disciplinary experimenting with senses & care in wellness and education.
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