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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MOST VISITED PROFILES BY COUNTRY VENEZUELA COLOMBIA NUMBER OF PUBLISHED PROFILES 2014 FROM THE BEGINNING CHILE VENEZUELA COLOMBIA 3.078 165 76 CHILE COLOMBIA People Business Business People VENEZUELA 294 480 Org. 280 TOTAL Org. TOTAL CHILE 12/12/2012 and Release Date 13/06/2014 03/05/2014 1.054 TOTAL 3.479 1.615 1.009 6.103 588 125 220 933 588 125 220 933 599 143 260 1.002 599 143 260 1.002 1.667 562 760 2.989 4.666 1.883 1.418 8.032 Carlos Heller Solari Rodrigo Peñailillo Grupo Matte Roberto Rincón Camilo Ibrahim Claudia López Juan Manuel Santos Álvaro Uribe Diosdado Cabello All content, unless otherwise noted, is licensed under Creative Commons 3.0. NEWSROOMS THAT HAVE REPUBLISHED PODEROPEDIA CONTENTS El Mostrador (Chile)Diario W5 (Chile)Soy Chile (Chile)El Periodista (Chile)Publimetro (Chile)Cooperativa (Chile)Terra (Chile) Ríete del Gobierno (Venezuela)Informe 21 (Venezuela)Reportero 24 de (Venezuela)Tal Cual (Venezuela)Reporte Confidencial (Venezuela)Noticias Venezuela (Venezuela)NotiMinuto (Venezuela)El Tiempo de Puerto La Cruz (Venezuela)El Venezolano (Venezuela) El Tiempo (Colombia)El Comercio (Perú)La Nación (Argentina)Miami Diario (Miami)El Mundo (España)Run Runes (España)News China (China)La Estrella (Panamá)Radio MercosurEl Mañana (México) 26 newsrooms have republished in 30 articles Poderopedia contents The impact of Poderopedia in numbers: This is what the platform that maps Who's Who in Latin America did in 2014 REGISTERED USERS The conflicts of interest, political alliances, the businessmen who are behind the large economic groups and those in power, have been the focus of Poderopedia during the two years since its launch in Chile, in December 12, 2012. Two years after this, the platform is already present in Venezuela and Colombia, and has managed to reveal cases that have impacted the media and the public opinion.
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