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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS 1800 BC - 250 ADThe early Maya Located here Multiple kings and Priests Were polytheistic, had human sacrifices for the gods Made pyramids, made the mayan calendar Kings, priests, farmers, military, leaders, and scribes Social classes Government Arts Religion Human Environment Interaction Roads and aqueducts Aztecs Government Only one ruler Social classes Priests, farmers, slaves (Had an easier way of getting out of slavery) Human environment interaction Built Chinampas, pyramids, and floating gardens 1300 AD - 1520 AD Arts Song and poetry, statues Religion Believed in many gods, human sacrifices to help the sun god Cortes pls Mayans Settle on a spot when they saw an eagle land on a cactus. Fall came after Aztecs accepted Cortes as their white god, Cortes destroyed them as well as the small pox defeating them. Incas Location Agricultural, settled on one spot 250 AD - 900 ADMight've had 2 million mayans at its peakNo idea how they declined, only theories 1438 AD - 1533 AD Only one ruler Government In 1200 AD, settled in Cuzco. In 1438 AD, Pachacuti becomes emperor of Incas. At its fall, conquered by Pizarro and most of them died from smallpox as well. Social classes Farmers, labor workers, priests, military leaders Religion Polytheistic, worshipped multiple gods Human environment interaction Made terraces for faming,roads Arts Made machu picchu, temples, learned astrology, medical advances
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