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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Aston-Mansfield: Communications Strategy Create and stories of service users in order to tellthe story of A-M's work Identify our main partner organisations and peopleso we have a list of we want to build a relationship withe.g. local councillors thatwe can invite to events Create an which can be used for all relevant stakeholders e.g. corporates. It will be in the style of an A4 folder with inserts for each project to be slotted in, if relevant 243 Start tweeting daily with an aim to build up followers 3 Produce a new layout for the Centre Programme and A-M leaflet 100 200 300 September October November December January February Update the in order to be more user-friendly.Set a process where the website can be updated regularly with news from all projects Website Social Media: EXTERNALLY-Have an identity that is persuasive to all key stakeholders-To measure our impact and communicate this to others-To increase the number of people that are coming into our centres and encourage them to engage with our services Case Studies A-M pack External Contacts IdentifyA-M stories to go in the Newham Recorderor other over the coming year INTERNALLY-Make all staff & volunteers effective communicators of A-M's key messages-Ensure that all staff & volunteers know what is going on in the organisation Local Media to use at both centres This will happen through e-bulletin, team meetings, Staff Conference, Away days, Midweek Munchies, Informal Events, Open House Events, Website, A-M leaflet
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