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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Alex Sandro Oliveira Sobre Mim Technical Skills Living in Dublin Social Service Since i arrived in Irelandi have developed my self faster thani ever imagined. As a exchange student i felt how is in a place for the first time. Now i have more experience and i know that is a great opportunity to develop myself, meet people from all over the world and make the world a better place creating positive changes in our communities. I have involved in a Social Program in myneighborhood helping younger people todevelop themselves as professionals andas a better human I am graduated in Networking ( IT ) and i am studying IT Business in the University and i have workeddirectly with costumers for 4 years. Hard-Working Communicative Goal-Driven Friendly IT Networking Social Media Facebook Ads Design 100% 90% 80% 100% 90% Sou um sonhador por natureza e tenho como hobby ajudar outros a conquistar seus sonhos .Este é meu estilo de vida! Adoro fazer as coisas acontecerem!Adoro conhecer pessoas, motivá-las, viajar, tocar violão, debater sobre temas diversos e fazer apresentações públicas. Interpersonal Skills d Motivated 100% I am more than just a ordinary person with some qualifications and technical skills, i like to challenge myself and make things happen! 100% 100% Criative 100% 80% Entrepreneur | Exchange Student | Dream Fulfiller | +55 11 95741-7111
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