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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Drought in Kalgoorlie, WA Kalgoorlie Brisbane Population: 36,852 Population: 2.2 million A Land of Drought and Flooding Rains A pipeline and dam project delivers portable water to communities in Western Australia's Eastern Goldfields, particularly Kalgoorlie. It also delivered water to Perth. Major Industries in Kalgoorlie include Mining and Tourism Super Pit gold mine, largest gold mine in Australia Kalgoorlie Climate Graph Perth Population:1.74 million WIND AND RAIN DROUGHT CAUSES TOUGHEST SEASONFOR KALGOORLIE PASTORALISTS! What is Drought? Drought is a prolonged period of abnormally low precipitation [Rainfall] Kalgoorlie Climate Graph Kalgoorlie region has a Level 5 drought. This means it has high temperature andlow rainfall. The dust and dirt from all of the mining causesthe humidity levels to risewhich means less water in the air. The drought in Kalgoorlie will causeunemployment as citizens will leave to live in another city for access to clean, fresh water. Farmers living in Kalgoorliewill be affected majorly bythis drought. They will go bankrupt as their crops willbe all spoiled and ruined fromthe lack of water. Therefore nobusinesses will want their crops and will result with no money for the farmers. 6 rivers and creeks flow into Lake Raeside, which covers 140,000 hectares of land In 2008, Prime Minister, John Howard provided drought assistance to many businesses and family's in Western Australia, especially Kalgoorlie. But all is not finished... Problem Solved? Low rainfall in thesemonths means hightemperatures High temperature meanslow rainfall during thesemonths Kalgoorlie Kalgoorlie Severe deficiency andlowest rainfall on record Key: In 2013 Kalgoorlie will be managing just howthey would have been inthe past with the drought.However today, Kalgoorlieis receiving more water thanbefore. 1. Kalgoorlie could launcha water recycling program.2. Water desalination plantscould be launched as Kalgoorlieisn't far from the ocean.3. A meeting at the town halldiscussing on how to furthermanage water. How Kalgoorlie can manage water SOLVE THE CRISIS OR BECOME THE CRISIS! LEVEL 5 DROUGHT BEFORE People living in Kalgoorliesay they have recieved below 25mm of Rainfall! AFTER
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