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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 the lifecycle of a battery the battery is transported by truck and boat plane carried that to the can find rechargeable battery's in store that I know of is walmart,target,malles battery store's.for a 10 pack batteries is around 12.47 and a 6 pack is 8.47 then a copper top av is 9v is 12.47 the rang is close to 13 dollar the raw materials of a battery areplastic eletric copper. On average, 25% of the battery is made up of steel. Did you know that steel can be recycled infinitely? Our mechanical process is able to recover 100% of the steel in each battery for reuse. the raw materal the electric goes thew the mixer then the coating after then the compressing. after the battery cells goes to the dryer then the slitter or called puncher then assembly after filling then formation aging then grading finally packing you can reused but you need some kind of a device to put in a recharge it but if you don t you can't reused it. most type of batteries can be recycled. however some batteries are recycled more readily than other like lead acid automotive batteries clearly 90% are recycled and button cells.The battery is broken a part in a hammer mill a machine that hammers the battery into pieces Then the broken battery pieces are now place into a vat where the lead and heavy materials fall to the bottom and the plastic floats. HOW IT MADE HOW IT GET TO THE MARKET AND PRICE RANGE HOW THE BATTERY IS DISPOSAL
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