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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 10% DISCOUNT ON THE ADVANTAGE LICENSED TRAINER WORKSHOP Who benefits? Anyone looking to enhance their employabilityAnyone who wants to develop their self-awareness and confidenceAnyone who wants to develop their seven soft skills THE EVIDENCE piloted across several different industries in England, Wales,Bangladesh & Malaysia of participants expressed positive outcomes from the 2 day programme 97% 100% MOVE OUT OF COMFORT ZONE LEARNED ABOUT MYSELF KNOW HOWTO APPLY THE SKILLS 96% WANT TO DEVELOP THE SKILLS INCREASED SELF- AWARENESS UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF THE SKILLS 96% 96% 97% 100% 100% FEEL MORECONFIDENT 89% WE DELIVER YOU DELIVER We can deliver The Advantage training programme to your school, company, college or university. We will tailor each 2 day workshop to your audience group.For more information email: We offer The Advantage as a LicensedTrainer Programme for experiencedtrainers, facilitators and teachers. We will train you over a 2 day workshop todeliver the programme. The next workshop will take place 5th &6th March in London. Cost of the license(inclusive of workshop & materials for 6 learners) is £600. We will set out an agreement with you and as part of this and take a % fee per learner (minimum £50) when you deliver The Advantage training programme. NEW MEMBER OFFER! USE CODE NEWM10VALID UNTIL 28/02/2015WORKSHOP RUNNING4th & 5th MARCH 2015
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