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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 WHAT IS IT? AKA "Lou Gehrig's Disease" Progressive neurodegenerative disease Affects nerve cells in brain & spinal cord Motor neurons progressively die, leading the brain to lose voluntary control over muscle movements Patients in later stages of disease process may become paralyzed Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources Tobii/Dynavox Vmax+ with EyeMax System - large screen, can be mounted on a wheelchair, can connect to internet, can use eye gazing to select messages Tobii/Dynavox Maestro with EyeMax System - lightweight, sleek, portable, can use eye gazing to select messagesPrentke Romich Accent 1000 with NuEye Tracking System - preloaded with a language system, front and rear- facing cameras, synthesized voice output High-Tech AAC Devices Designed for ALS AKA "Lou Gehrig's Disease" Progressive neurodegenerative diseaseAffects nerve cells in brain & spinal cordProgressive degeneration of motor neurons in ALS leads to neuronal deathAs motor neurons die, ability of brain to voluntarily initiate and control muscle movements is lost. Patient in later stages mabecome paralyzed. WHY Use Augmentative & Alternative Communication? Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) asfsafafs It is important to have the tools neededto maintain independence as abilities change in response to progressive loss of muscle control. Watch a video of the progression of ALS below: A For more information on these devices, check OR Communication is an innate human need For more information on signs/symptoms, communication options, and current research, check out: Initial Stages of Be Proactive. Explore communication options well before they are needed. There are many companies and devices. Low-Tech AAC Devices Designed for ALS Topic boards - could be a piece of paper with multiple topics on it, such as "family," "food," "work," "holidays" to establish a topicPhotographs - use for joint attention when talkingSign language - use American Sign Language or modified, shared signs to communicate thoughts with familiar listenersPointing to objects - point to establish a reference
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