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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Almoravid dynasty conquered Morocco and founded Marrakesh as its capital in 1062. In 1062 they turned Marrakesh into their base of operations and religious capital. The Almoravid leadership succeeded in temporarily repulsing the Christians and foiling their plans to conquer such key cities as Córdoba and Toledo. With the exception of Valencia, Muslim Spain remained under Almoravid control. The Almoravid Empire stretched from the Ebro valley to todays Mauritania. Much of the Almoravid religious architecture in Morocco has been lost and they are better known for their constructions in todays Algeria. Almoravid art brought a number of innovations to the architectural tradition of the Muslim west. Almoravids Almohads In the mid-twelfth century, the Almoravids were replaced by the Almohads. The Almohads were a new Berber dynasty from North Africa. By 1150, the Almohads had taken Morocco as well as Sevilla, Córdoba, Badajoz, and Almería in the Iberian Peninsula. As religious reformation was integral to the Almohad establishment, their courts in Marrakesh and Sevilla became centers of Islamic learning. In Almohad arts, a rigorous style saw the increasing schematization of ornament and the continued use of geometric design. Almohads were replaced in the Maghrib as well, through a revolt by their own governors Almoravid architecture Almohad Dynasty Muslim Symbol
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