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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ALL ABOUT PARAGUAY Paraguay ended 2013 with a population of 6,802,295 people. The population of the United States is estimated at 322,583,006. Asunción Capital city? LOCATION Paraguay is landlocked, it is surrounded by Argentina, Bolivia, and Brazil tap and hold to change this title text! POPULATION? SPORTS WHAT ARE THE POLITICS? Politics of Paraguay takes place in a framework of a presidential representative democratic republic. Horacio Cartes is the Paraguay, President Soccer is the most popular sport in Paraguay- it has become part of the culture in Paraguay. -Paraguay is the fourth most successful fùtbol nation in South America behind Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. -they have won eight international tournaments- won three Copa Libertadores -won one Intercontinental Cup. WHAT IS THE CURRENCY? Big Mac meal costs 24535 in Paraguay with Guaranis. that is equal to 5.13 in the US The climate of Paraguay consists of a subtropical climate in the Paraneña region and a tropical climate. The Paraneña region a humid climate, with abundant precipitation throughout the year and only moderate seasonal changes. THE CLIMATE? FOOD Meat, vegetables, manioc, maize, and fruits are common in Paraguayan cuisine. Barbecuing is both a cooking technique and often a social event, and are known as the Asado. Many dishes are based on corn, milk, cheese and meat, and fish caught in rivers are also eaten. People in this county do typically eat.
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