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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CONCEPT The problem here is that in some rural areas,there is a deficiency in the proper educationfor the rural kids who want to study but dueto their remote areas it not feasible for themand hold them back from pursuing their dreamsand we lose some of these talents who can contribute towards the nation and the bettermentof society. The concept is to make education availableto all the kids through live stream different classes going on at different places to thosestudents who are at very remote places, where the teachers are not available to teachthem properly. We will provide them a mediumthrough which the students at remote placeswill be able to listen to the classes and as wellas will be able to interact with the teachers,while in a class or in a one-to-one interactivesession. Core Technologies 1) Visual Studio2) Microsoft SQL Server 20123) Azure Target Audience Our target is to make education available to all the kids who are at very remote place andcould not afford to migrate to a city but havezeal and wish to study like every normal kidin urban area. And not only it will help remotearea students but it will also help many urbankids who are seeking some more quality educationand want to interact to many teachers and students under one roof . The users of our application will include:-1) Students living in remote places.2) Students who are seeking more attention from teachers.3) Teachers who are willing to teach after the class hours. Personas Top User Stories The school In our BVRIT collage we have a school too, which isinside the college campus. Many school students want to join and become an engineer. We thought of giving them a little demonstration of the laboratory ofour campus and try to teach them the experimentsgoing on there, through live streaming. So we conduct the experiments in our lab and that will be livestreamed in the school. The school kids are veryenthusiastic and eager to listen to the class. The poor kids There is a school in a village far away fromthe city and dont have good resources, andwe have a good school in the city, we can deploy our application in both these areasand can make them interact with each-other. The exams time There is a student who is preparing for hisexaminations and suddenly he got a doubt,so he can use our application to interactwith a teacher one-to-one and clarify hisdoubt. Team Members: Abhinandan Naithani (11211A0502) Prashant Dubey (11211A0560)Amarnath Jadhav (12215A0501)K. Rajasekhar (12215A0513)Mrs.P.M.Jyosthna(Assistant Professor)Internal Guide SHIKSHALIVE
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