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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MOTIVATION COMPONENTS Baby monitoring system consists anINFANT TAGwhich monitors the babyright from the birth and ithelps in providing extra protection from the snatchers.It even stands as affordable product for every hospital. INTRODUCTION Now-a-days, we have been watching various incidents in local maternity hospitals where security is not assuredfor the newly born babies as there wouldnot be at least the basic infrastructure to protect them. These incidents motivated usin developing a device to protect babies fromsnatching by unauthorized people in a verycost effective manner. RFID Reader is used to collect the unique number generated bythe tag and stores in it. GPS tracking system isalso embedded on the reader in order to track the latitude and longitudevalues of where the tag isat present. RFID Tag which is designed in the form of a wrist watch so as the tag can be easily placed on babys wrist soon after the delivery under the supervision GSM Modem is also embedded along with the reader and is responsible to store the alert message and sends it to the respective parents and thehospital staff. The immediate messageis sent to the parents as soon as thebaby crosses the RFID reader range asthe reader stops detecting the tag. TEAM 1. Prashanth Dubey2. Jadhav Amarnath3. Abhinandan NaithaniMentor: Mr. K. Karthik APPLICATIONS Hospital management Baby sitting CentersHousehold requirementsUsed in even regular health monitoring of the babyAvoids the situations of the babies being exchanged. BABY SNATCHING PREVENTION
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