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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FFA TIMELINE 1930- The offfical creed colors are National Blue and Corn Gold. 1933- In 1948 this celebration would be changed to FFA week and celebrated during George Washingtons birthday. 1944-The National FFA foundation ,inc was established in Washington D.C. 1948- This exchange launched a major international program that include internships for students adn the establishment of future farmer organizations worldwide. 1950- The U.S. Congress passes public law 81-740, which grants the FFA a fedral charter and stipulates that a U.S. Department of Education staff be the National FFA adivsor. 1959-The FFA headquaters is established in Alexandria, Virginia 1965- The New farmers of America, the organazation for Africian-American Agriculture students,merges with the FFA, adding 50,000 memebers 1966- There was a National Agriculture Career Show a trade for students,for educational and career opportunities in Ag. By 199,350 exhibitors participated annually in the event. 1969- Women are allowed natinal memebership making it possible for them to hold office and participe in competive events at the regional and national level. 1971-The National FFA alumni association is founded, providing opportunitesfor former FFA member and other supporters to become involved. 1974-Fred McClure is elected westren Region Vice President, becoming the organization's first African-American National office. 1982- Jan Eberly becames the first female National FFA president. 1988- Delegates to the National FFA convention change " Future Farmers Of America"to the " National FFA Organization to recognize the of AG 1994- Corey Flournoy of Chicago,Illinois,is elected National FFA president, becoming the organization's first African-American president. 1996- The National FFA website, National FFA online, goes live, in 1999, there were more than 140,000 vistors per month 1998- The National FFA convention was held in Kansas City, Missiouri for the last time in November 1998. 1999-The National FFA convention is held in Louisville, Kentucky, for the first time and will stay in Louisville through 2005. 2000- FFA continues to expand opportunites for agriculture career perpartation by introducing one new career development event. 2006- The National FFA convention is held for the first time in Indianpolis,Indiana.
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