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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Darker Brother The Darker Brother Before Transformation After Transformation Dominance of white people over black people was barely evident. The difference between slaves and indentured servants was minor Re/Deconstruction Jim Crow and Segregation Modern Day Before the transformation race did not determine a person's role in society. In that time the tobacco boom required consistent source of labor. Indentured servants seemed to be the answer. But when news of harsh treatment and poorliving conditions reached England, less people agreed to become indentured servants. Desperately needing a solution the colony plan owners the enslavement of Africans was the answer. Tobacco quickly became a source of profit and was the major cash in crop America. This is the first example of white privilage in america. When john Punch ran away with 2 white indentured servants, they got 4 moreyears of servitude, but john got to be a slave. race now defined who is a slave and who is a servant.The black people were forced to work for the rest of their lives while white servants could gain freedom and were protected by the laws from abuseand mistreatment. most Africans during this era were slaves. Thomas Jefferson called African Americans inferior.Said that they were onlygood for manual labor. Laws were put in placeto protect whie servants. After the Emancipation Proclamation was passed Slavery ended, but not racism and segregation. Allover the United States Laws were passed to put black people behind bars and force them into a new form of slavery called the convict leasing system. Also the biggest terrorist groupof all time called the KKK came out of this era. Black people were lynched in the land of liberty and justice.No one was ever convicted of Lynching . African Americans were pick up of the streets and forced to work in mines for a period of time. 30 % death rate. " you can't Rape a negro." The justice system pardoned all rapes of African American Women. Most blacks people in the south could not vote and were denied Many of the Rights granted to whites.The government worked for the white people to discriminate and keep whites on top. Black people were treated the same way as dogs and animals,and were thought of asinferior. Blacks were viewed as dangerous and strange. They tried to keep them away from white people. Today there are less differences between blacks and whites, but there are still majordifferences between the way blacks and whites are treated. An average white male makes more money than an average black male. Also there still stereotypes that still exist today. White males on average make more money than blacks and women. Graph of salaries of racialgroups.
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