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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 E-Learning Statistics AET/541 E-LEARNING Course Description This course is designed to incorporate e-learning in adult education curriculum. The course's primary focus is applying instructional design techniques, learning theory, and technical tools for e-learning activities.Additional discuss will focus on the challenges of the e-learning community. E-learning has proven to be the most cost effective and convenient form of education. Full-time faculty that teach distance education Increase in distance education 1998-2008 Undergraduates who will receive 80% of degree with online courses Students enrolled in at least one on line course at the associate's level 64% 150% 18% 25% Course participants are expected to complete the following:Provide thorough and well thought out responses to two discussion questions weekly.Provide at least six responses to participants' answers to discussion questions on at least three days of the week.Participate in learning team by collaborating on group assignments.Post any additional findings that will enhance course content.Take full responsibility for learning and continually develop oneself as an intrinsic learner.Complete all individual and team assignments in a timely manner. Course Expectations (Akenagbu, 2012) Welcome to AET/541 E-Learing! I am Tanya McMillan, your instructor and fellow learner. Olesen-Tracey (2010) stated, "Online learning opportunities have helped learners connect their daily use of technology to meaningfuleducational opportunities" (p. 37). With this in mind as educators wemust take every opportunity to familiarize ourselves with how to use technology to educate learners. For some of you this will be an opportunityto refresh your skills, while others will find this to be a brand new venture.No matter who you are we are all going to learn something new and shareour skills and talents with each other.Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the main forum, and I look forward to working with you all.Tanya McMillan, MAET WELCOME!
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