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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ITEM NO. 02: The Belt Buckle ITEM NO. 08: The Binoculars ITEM NO. 06: The Purse The basic cellphone can hold 4 fluid ounces, while the smartphone can hold 5 ounces. The purse has a plastic bladder in it that can hold 28 ounces. The belt buckle, which can easily be concealed under your shirt, can hold 3 fluid ounces. The binoculars hold 16 fluid ounces total in two separate compartments. ITEM NO. 01: The Bra The bra, known as the Wine Rack, holds 25 fluid ounces and increases a women's cup size by 2 full cups. ITEM NO. 03: Pregnancy Belly The pregnancy belly consists of a sling and a bladder, and holds up to 80 ounces of liquid securely across the lower stomach. ITEM NO. 04: The Shorts The shorts have two compartments that can hold 12 fluid ounces in each compartment, totaling 24 ounces. ITEM NO. 05: The Shoes Reef makes a sandal that holds 3 ounces of liquid in the soles. OTHER ITEMS ITEM NO. 07: The Cell Phone ITEM NO. 09: The Sunscreen The sunscreen has a screw off top and can hold 8 ounces. ITEM NO. 10: The Camera This digital camera lookalike holds 5 fluid ounces. ITEM NO. 11: The Stadium Seat The stadium seat securely holds 36 fluid ounces of liquid. ITEM NO. 12: The Feminine Products A pack of five test tubes made to look like tampons holdsan ounce each, for a total of 5 fluid ounces. Together, these alcohol concealment devices hold 238 fluid ounces! AET 101: Fads and Trends Alcohol Concealment Devices
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