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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What Rolls & ResponsibilitiesDoes A Director have? A director issomeone whosupervises,directs,controls,manages,consistent,persistent,self-confident,helpful,understanding,creative,generous,gentle, polite,patient, andinnovative.Their job includeshiring talent,selecting scriptsand other material,and managing thework of crews andcasts. Theyoversee the workof set designers,costume designers,makeup artists,actors, newsanchors, broadcastmeteorologists,camera operators,reporters, writers,audio and videoequipment technicians,and film andvideo editors. Theycollaborate withproducers towhom theytypically report.A director is amember of agroup of peoplechosen to controlor govern theaffairs of aninstitution orcorporation.He/she is aperson whosupervises thecreative aspectsof a dramaticproduction or filmand instructs theactors and crew.Also, he/she isthe conductor ofan orchestra orchorus. Thedirector usuallyreports directlyto a VicePresident or tothe CEO. Incompanies withadvanced rankswithin director,the next rank isusually SeniorDirector, followedby ExecutiveDirector. Largeorganizationsalso sometimeshave AssistantDirectors.Director commonly refersto the lowestlevel of executivein anorganization, butmany largecompanies aredesignating titlesof AssociateDirectors more frequently. How A Director's Life Would Be: On a typical daya director'stasks mightinclude:-Auditioning andcasting aproduction, such as amovie ortelevisionshow.-Interviewing andhiring a crew whichincludes cameraoperators, stagehands, film editors,costume designers,makeup artists, setdesigners, and others etc.-Collaborating withthe producer, writersand crew.-Givinginstructions to thecast and otherpersonnel. -Directinglive broadcasts, it alsoincludes news programs.-Selecting scripts fortelevision shows ormovies, or choosingstories to be reported onnews programs. Are All Directors Famous? Not all directs are famous,and many of them arenteven involved with movies.Instead, they work in othervenues in the entertainmentindustry, like TV shows, thetheater, broadcast, and cablenews programs. Movie,television, stage and newsdirectors are charged withmaking sure the creativeaspects of the productions forwhich they are responsiblerun smoothly. How Much Money They Make? In the beginning of their careers,directors often make nothing (zero),but you start to make money onceyou start doing some work. Thosewho had full time jobs directingmovies, television shows, newsprograms and stage productionsearned a median salary of $70,660in 2011 (U.S.). An ordinarycompany's director is said to earnapproximately 20,000 to 50,000 peryear. According to the The Bureauof Labor Statistics the median wageof directors for motion picture, stage,television, video and radio productionsis $32.08 an hour. According, the salary for a filmdirector is $84,000 per yea<